Sunday, 9 July 2017

Kunafa (A Middle Eastern Dessert )

So today I'm going to share one of my hubby's n mine fav Middle Eastern dessert kunafa. It has special place in our menu ever since I made it for the very first time. Me and my hubby are very health concious and we rarely take sweet thing unless they are very much liked by us lol...
Things become very much easier once your kids make it their favourite too. So this is how Kunafa which isn't that healthy at all became a must have at our dinner table every now and than.
It has two versions basically
One with a totally cheese filling and other with cream filling
We personally like the cream filling though it's also basically cheese but not in a pure form. Thus very light in taste and on tummy too.
Let's learn how we can easily make it!

Kunafa pastry quarter pack
Butter 2tbsp
Orange red color a pinch

For filling
Cream cheese 2 tbsp
Fresh cream 1tbsp
Cream cheese cubes 2
Sugar 2tbsp
Milk powder 2tbsp
Cornflour 2tbsp
Milk 1/2 cup

For sugar syrup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Water 1/4 cup
Kewra water few drops


  • We will start off by making the cream filling
  • In a bowl mix togather cornflour, milk powder and sugar

  • Now pour in milk and mix untill all sugar get dissolved

  • Transfer this into pan and start heating it
  • Keep on stirring untill it's a thick paste but in pouring consistency

  • Now transfer this in a bowl or mixing blender
  • Add in cream cheese, fresh cream and cheese cubes

  • Blend this untill everything is nicely combined and again it's pouring paste like custard

  • Now the filling is ready, keep it aside and let's move on to next step
  • Let's start off by making sugar syrup 
  • It's a conventional sugar syrup which we usually make for most of the arabic dessert and the ratio isn't really matters here
  • Just add water in sugar and let it boil untill all sugar is melted and the liquid has become into a pouring thick mixture

  • Turn off the stove and add a bit of flavouring of your choice like Kewra water, orange blossom or lemon blossom water. Totally upto you how you like it. I added a few drops of Kewra water
  • Keep this aside now
  • Take out kunafa pastry and start opening it with hands nicely. It will be in a form of bunch of thin noodles all tangled and stacked. We want them to be separated and nicely chunked into small bits. Keep on separating them unless they are all broken

  • Melt the butter and pour this on the pastry
  • Mix well unless all the pastry is coated with butter

  • Let's start assembling everything now
  • In a baking pan which should be little deep coat butter and food color all over the surface
  • Now place half of the pastry equally on the surface and press gently from all over to make it a nicely packed layer

  • Now pour all the filling and spread nicely

  • Add the rest of the pastry and again gently press it from all over

  • Pre heat oven at 225 C*
  • Bake it for almost 35 to 40 minutes or untill u see a the pastry started taking a golden color (we don't  need to wait till the upper layer is golden as it won't be, the more cooking itne meanz you are making the pastry harder)

  • Pour some of the sugar syrup with the help of the spoon, dnt over drench it
  • Now take it out and flip it over the serving platter

  • The layer with food color will come up and it will be a nicely golden layer
  • Again pour some sugar syrup on this layer but a little will make it taste even more good, pouring a lot isn't the ideal thing here

  • Garnish it with some pistachio powder and serve hot.

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